Career Days

Apr 27, 2017

by Debbie Isbell, CDR,RDR,CRR

Career Days

ACRA members participated in Career Days, introducing students to the opportunities in our profession.  Our president, Karen Strickland Planz, made this informative posterboard that has traveled throughout the state, earning the designations of “Sisterhood of the Traveling Poster” and “Flat Stanley.”

It’s still surprising that many high schoolers have never heard of court reporting as a career.  During one realtime demonstration, an observer exclaimed “IT’S MAGIC!”  Coincidentally, that is this year’s NCRA Convention slogan –  “MAGIC AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!”

Debbie Isbell and Cindy Greene at Saraland HS, Saraland, April 17
Cindy Greene and Debbie Isbell at Muphy HS, Mobile, April 5
Patrick connecting with students.
Patrick Miller and Karen Strickland Planz at Geneva County Schools, March 17
Jennifer Kissic at her daughter’s school, Pinecrest Elementary, in Sylacauga, April 24
Alan Peacock and Debbie Isbell at Davidson HS, Mobile, February 16