ACRA District IV Mardi Gras Meet and Greet

Feb 21, 2017

By:  Alan Peacock

As someone who lives in Mobile (District IV), I can tell you that one of the events we look forward to celebrating each year is Mardi Gras.  This year, our local court reporters were given even more reason to celebrate.  Our own District IV representative, Debbie Isbell, RDR, CRC, CCR, hosted an event for reporters in the area.  This was a casual gathering at the Isbell & Associates office in downtown Mobile, right on the parade route.   Guests were treated to a buffet of hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

From left to right: Carol Cook, Sherry Barlow, Jan McElroy, Cindy Greene, Alan Pea-cock, Debbie Murphy, Roy Isbell, Debbie Isbell, Mary Frances Giattina, Margaret Turner, Lois Robinson, Mallory McCutchin, Lynn Dykes.

Even though we all live and work relatively close together, we rarely get a chance to see each other on a social basis, unless it’s a once-a-year convention.   So this reception gave us all a chance to interact socially with one another and have some fun.  After the reception, a number of reporters gathered outside by the barricades to watch the local Mardi Gras parade.

During the reception, Debbie made a formal announcement regarding her plans to establish the A to Z program in this area, ACRA’s vice president, Cindy Greene, was introduced, and Mary Frances Giattina was congratulated on her federal court retirement announcement.

A heart-felt thank you goes out to Debbie Isbell for raising the bar for ACRA District representatives.   She took the time to find all reporters and made an honest attempt to include every single one of us.  This was also an opportunity for Debbie’s constituency to get to know her a little better as well.   As a result, we will all look forward to more camaraderie and support from each other on the local level.