Debra Amos Isbell, CCR,RDR,CRR Bio

May 5, 2018

As we say good-bye to 2017 and I wrap up my second year on ACRA’s Board, I am thankful for the many professionals who share my excitement for this career.   Over the past year, through grass-root efforts and outstanding leadership, court reporters in our state and across the nation have been educating the public about the vital role we play and the services we provide to the legal system and public at large.  Participants in the many A to Z programs taking place throughout the country are enrolling in schools to become the next generation of recordkeepers.    Our future is bright.  Word on the street is that this skill of ours is desirous and worth the time and energy necessary to become proficient.

I have found my passion in teaching the general public what we are all about and mentoring those who are challenged with speed building and brief learning.   Alabama’s successful A to Z Programs in Mobile and Birmingham not only introduced participants to the keyboard but solidified relationships among fellow reporters.   As we move forward into the new year, I encourage each of you to share your positive experiences and pump up the profession.  As we all know, it’s not easy — but nothing worthwhile ever is.  Be proud of what you do and make others proud, too.

Moving into 2018, I look forward to continuing my service on the Board.   Many competent, hard-working reporters have paved the way over the years, and this organization runs like a well-oiled machine.  Present Board members have taken further steps to improve communications with all ACRA members by upgrading the website, expanding the FTR, and reaching out to local reporters within their districts.    Our annual conference taking place in Birmingham this January features outstanding presenters and will be a great opportunity to network and catch up with friends around the state.  And in 2019 we’re headed to the beach!