Jan 10, 2017

It was quite the pleasure to represent ACRA at this year’s national convention.  It’s always exciting to meet people with similar interests from around the U.S. – and other countries – and there is always something new to be learned.  A first for me this year was attending the activities related to NCSA, the National Committee of State Associations.   After hearing representatives of other states discuss some of their issues, I feel proud of the accomplishments of the Alabama Court Reporters Association.  In addition to having an active state board looking after our interests, for the past ten years we have had a mandatory licensure requirem
ent governed by the Alabama Board of Court Reporting.  Many thanks to the officers ten and more years ago that saw to this fundamental necessity.

There are many choices of seminars offered at the national convention.  This year’s schedule included a track for education in Certified Realtime Captioning, Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop, Certified Realtime Reporter Boot Camp, CLVS seminars, and teachers’ workshop.  I especially enjoyed the seminar by Mark Kislingbury on Improving your Realtime Output with Macros.   This consisted of shortcuts for fixing misstrokes during realtime and included applications for all CAT software programs.

If you are not a member of NCRA, please consider joining.  Our combined efforts in both the national association and ACRA ensure the vitality of our profession.

The photo below depicts some of the Alabama reporters who attended the Chicago convention.

Wendy Myhan, Linda McSwain, Alan Peacock, Debbie Isbell, Roy Isbell, Carrie Robinson.  Also pictured, Dr. Elliot Carter.